Saturday, January 25, 2014

Just something to think about......

I do get on Pinterest - rather often - it gives me something to do to keep my mind occupied when I am home alone.  (Eventually I will get back into my art to stay busy but for now I just need my time to grieve.) 

Today I found a pin that provided information about pricing your hand made crafts or art.  I went to the website and I liked this blogger's assessment of how to $$$  mark your handmade goods.  I have many students who ask me how to price their artwork if they decided to sell it.  This was an interesting formula.  I have even thought of opening my own Etsy and this gave me something to think about when I determine my own prices.

But then, as I continued reading, the language I found at the bottom of the post I would never even repeat it was so bad.  This person felt the need to knock people who wouldn't be willing to pay your price.  This included fellow artists and craftsmen for looking at things and thinking they could make the same thing and, also, badmouthing Walmart for their low prices and some other negative comments. It kind of followed the "say something bad about someone else so you can feel good about yourself (your prices)" analogy.

I guess I see it this way - yes, I am an artist and a craft person and  I am one of those people who quite often see something and decide if I really like it, I would make it myself.  Why wouldn't I?  I'm not suggesting they aren't worth the asking price, but first, I love doing it, and second, it would make it my own.  I could make little changes to be exactly what I want.

I also happen to fall into the category of someone who could not really afford to pay the high prices of the great things I see on Pinterest or Etsy.  There are many, many low income families in our country and they couldn't even begin to pay the prices crafters and artists should get for their work. I think it's great they have somewhere they can go to buy something "similar" at a much lower price to enjoy in their lives.   Aside from that, I even see many crafters who buy that "cheap" crap (as she called it) at Walmart and make it into something they then sell on Etsy!

For those who read this through this post, please don't think I must have an interest in Walmart - I don't.  I don't work for them, I don't have any family members who work for them, etc.  I would make the same comment about all of the supercenters or "big box" stores, Dollar Trees, etc.   There is a place for all of us in our society.

I can't say that I have never fallen into the category of doing this very thing - I'm a sinner just like everyone else.  But after reading and thinking about this, I hope I will now stop and think. . . . 

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