Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Long, lost blogger.

It has been such a long time since I have been on my blog.
I have finished all of my chemo and my bone marrow biopsy came back clear - still in complete remission. I am quite elated and I praise God for His mercy and healing. Now I am in the midst of planning my return to school for the last quarter. I have missed my students and fellow teachers and I am certain it will be very good for me to be working again. I will probably get a little tired at first since I have been, what I consider, quite lazy these past few months, but that can only get better.
I have finished a few pieces of art during this time but I have not scanned or taken pictures of any of it so I don't have anything to post. Once I am back in school working on things with my classes I may have more art posts.
I am so thankful for everyone who has been praying for me for so many years (over 4 now with this last cancer) and I know I have been blessed by all of you.
God bless.


Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara,

Your drawings are amazing! One quote caught my attention and changed the way I feel today; "Bloom where you are planted!" in graphics. I always wanted to draw but never had the opportunity because coming from a very poor country (Malawi) I was always discouraged for fear that it would ditract me from employable careers (rightly so in my country). I cant draw now (how I wish I could). And spend many hours looking at other people's work wishing it was me (and buying how-to-draw books I dont ever use). I have now lived in Europe for 4 years and always been grumping about not having done what my heart really wanted. I havent bloomed where I have been planted. My of my friends from my country, my continent (many I'm sure more intellectually capable than me) would kill for the chances I have had. But in my grumpiness I havent bloomed. I havent discovered the reason I am this blessed and I havent blessed others with the blessings I have. So thank you for your reminder.

And more importantly, I hope you get better and continue to bless others. I will pray for you today.

BJK_Art said...

Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your thoughts.
I think many of us fail to bloom where we are, partly because we don't realize what we are blessed with but also perhaps because we think what we love is not what we should be doing. I believe God blesses us with exactly the gifts that express what we love and whenever possible we should use those gifts for our life work. Why would He bless us with any other kind of gift?
I hope that you find your place in our world of art. Enjoy drawing - it just takes a lot of practice and I am certain your desire to draw will take you where you would like to go.