Sunday, October 7, 2007

Generating Ideas

I haven't posted anything for so long but I've just been so busy with school. I have been posting many things to my school website - student work, etc. Web pages take so much time.
I have been researching lots of new ideas for our handmade books in my natural fibers class. Making paper and the many things you can do with it is probably one of my favorite projects in this class (although, you can't really compare it to batik). Anyway, I have found so many great books about the subject. I think I spend more time reading others' books about it than I do creating my own art! But, as all of you know, even though we make art, we still enjoy the work of others!
Generally, we just bind a book with our paper but I do think I may have my students create some kind of art book this time. The only problem with that is getting them to really think it through and bring objects to class. But, we'll see.
Hope you are all out their creating!

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